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Royal Sky Group

Royal Sky Group organizes tours of any complexity, there are no unsolvable tasks for us.

Business jets.

We arrange business flights around the world and have access to a closed Empty Leg base. This allows us to reduce the cost of private jet services significantly and to have an opportunity to get to such tempting places of the world which are inaccessible to conventional aviation.

Belmond Bellini Club.

Our company is the only official representative of the prestigious travel club - Belmond Bellini Club in Belarus. And it opens access to exclusive Iuxury hotels, trains and cruises all over the world.

Traveller Made.

We are part of an international community of travel designers. This allows us to exchange experiences with equally passionate colleagues from different countries and keep up to date with current trends in the creation of exclusive tours.

luxury company.

Royal Sky Group has repeatedly won the prestigious national competition "Prize №1": in the categories of the "Educational Tourism" and "Premium Class Travel Company".

About us

Royal Sky Group company is an international tour operator capable of a little more than others. A little more comfort, individual approach, imagination, established connections all over the world, experience in organizing VIP-tours - a lot of "a little" are transformed into the ability to anticipate and satisfy the most intricate desires of clients.

Antarctica and a rendezvous with penguins? Latin America and a jeep tour along the Road of Death? Africa and an exclusive grand safari? For Royal Sky Group there is no wish that cannot be fulfilled!

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Why us?

Why us?

We work officially and transparently, on a contractual basis;


We respond instantly to the circumstances and your wishes;


We provide 24/7 customer support;


We have a staff of travel designers with more than 10 years of experience;


We constantly participate in international events (including closed ones).

What else can we do?


We provide an exclusive service:

Want to buy a property abroad? Let us share the contacts of reliable realtors.

Do you want to save money? We will find the best option for investments abroad.

Need to open a business? We can help you find the right contacts anywhere in the world.

We have an established database of reliable contacts to which our clients have access absolutely free of charge.

Our team

our team

Natalia Anikeenko

Company founder work@rsgroup.by

Alena Bondar

Deputy Head +375 29 380-69-99 education@rsgroup.by

Anastasia Kunitskaya

Travel Designer +375 29 305-69-99 fit@rsgroup.by

Alexandra Ivanyushina

Airline ticketing and corporate services specialist +375 29 305-69-99 avia@rsgroup.by

Our blog

our blog

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Our news

our news

On Line Magazine

our marazine

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